Fully automatic industrial hemp leaf mesh belt drying equipment

Hemp Leaves Belt Dryer Product Introduction  The hemp drying system is designed to utilize the combination of heat and air to rapidly dry hemp leaves and flowers. It can be used in the material hard to dry and low dry speed. The equipment structure is compact. It covers a small area with easy operation, convenient

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Hemp Leaves Belt Dryer
Product Introduction
  The hemp drying system is designed to utilize the combination of heat and air to rapidly dry hemp leaves and flowers. It can be used in the material hard to dry and low dry speed. The equipment structure is compact. It covers a small area with easy operation, convenient maintenance, and steady running. The equipment extends and promotes the heat wind circle oven which designs the dryness process with different heat wind circles as per the dryness characteristics of materials. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy industry, food, packaging. The dryer has lots of superiorities as high efficiency, saving energy, easy management, larger output, constant product, and varied ability.

Automatic Industrial Hemp Leaves Mesh Belt Drying Equipment


Product Features
1. Dry area, wind pressure, air volume, mesh belt running speed, air amount, heating temperature, time of material sticking on the belt, and velocity of feeding material can be adjusted in order to obtain the best drying effect.
2. The equipment configuration is flexible. It can use the netlike belt washing system and cooling raw material system.
3. Hot air can be circularly applied, the energy is greatly saved.
4. Unique air dividing device, it makes hot air distribute uniformly; this can guarantee products' quality.
5. The series of dryers are characterized by high efficiency and energy-saving and have advanced levels in flow heating, stratified air intake, segmental temperature change drying, and waste heat recovery.

Working Principle
  The series of hemp dryers are processed by using a multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belt or vibrating plate. The hot air flows through the mesh belt and the material layer from bottom to top. The heat exchange is uniform, sufficient, and the production efficiency is high. Good, with a cooling layer and rotary conveying device, low discharge temperature, which is convenient for timely packaging. The lifting device with the screed is used, the thickness of the material is uniform, and the thickness of the material layer can be adjusted steplessly. The material area is from 25m² to 70m², with five different sizes, which can meet the needs of various materials and different production scales.

Automatic Industrial Hemp Leaves Mesh Belt Drying Equipment

Application Range
  The Hemp Multi-layers Belt dryer is used for mass production of continuous drying equipment for the drying of the sheet, strip pellet material with better ventilation property, especially for the materials cannot bear high temperatures such as dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal pieces of high moisture content. Belt driers have many advantages, such as fast drying rate, high evaporation strength, good product quality; cake type of paste materials, wet granulation can also be dried.

Automatic Industrial Hemp Leaves Mesh Belt Drying Equipment

Technical Parameters
Drying Unit4*35*34*35*34*35*3
Mesh Belt(m)1.21.62
Drying Length(m)8*310*38*310*38*310*3
Material Thickness(mm)10-80
Drying Temperature(ºC)50-150
Steam Pressure(MPa)0.2-0.8
Heat exchange area()81610201056132013441680
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h20/h)150-450240-650220-600280-750300-600350-850
Number of fans141714171417
Total Power(kw)35.337.135.337.158.760.5

Q. Why do I need a mesh-belt dryer?

A. Each planting season, hemp farmers cultivate many thousands of plants but the industry lacks sufficient capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively dry large seasonal harvests.  Antiquated hang-drying methods are labor-intensive, and simply do not make financial sense if you grow more than a few acres. The mesh-belt hemp dryer is a sustainable, innovative, and cutting-edge technology to help automate your hemp drying activities and benefit your long-term competitiveness. Our advanced belt drying equipment is engineered to maintain a high level of attention to detail, quality, sanitation, and consistency. This is the right tool to dry your hemp crop like a real professional.

Q. What makes mesh-belt dryers different from the competitors?

A. Dehydration is necessary to preserve the hemp biomass for later use as food additives or extraction for medicinal purposes. Mesh-belt hemp dryers continuously dry large quantities of plant material in a short period of time, and without requiring much production footprint. These technologies allow the operator to adjust the thermal energy in the hemp dryer to evenly evaporate water without over-drying or over-heating the hemp. This clear advantage provides a superior output, improved flavor, and texture while preserving robust hemp oils and aromas.

Q. Will using a mesh-belt hemp dryer affect my crop?

A. Our simple, labor-saving, low-temperature drying technologies are designed to ensure the highest value of dried output. Electronic controls allow operators to dial-in optimum air volume, belt speed, and temperature. The continuous movement of the four separate mesh belts ensures an even and consistent dehydration throughout the plant material. Four high-quality food-grade stainless steel mesh belts protect your high-value crops from rough handling and contamination, and convenient door handles allow panel access to view the status of the drying operation. We believe that the proper use of our mesh-belt hemp dryer will increase your bottom line.

Q. Does the dryer have temperature control?

A. Yes, the mesh-belt hemp dryer effectively and accurately controls temperatures. If you use natural gas or propane as the fuel source, the gas burner has sensors to control the temperature of the dryer unit. The sensor is placed between the dryer and a big fan. If the set temperature is exceeded, then the flame of the burner will decrease. If the temperature drops below the setpoint temperature, then the burner flame will increase. The user also can adjust the conveyor belt speed and temperature of the drying machine. Temperature settings are in Celsius and can be set to hold the drying temperature in a specific setting.

Q. Does the conveyor auto-adjust speed to temperature variations?

A. Yes, the dryer speed is fully adjustable. The feeding conveyor and drying machine use a single transmission part, so they operate at the same speed. The discharge conveyor speed is also adjustable. The feeding conveyor features a distributor, which our engineer will install on the dryer and adjust the dryer speed and material thickness spread on the conveyor. After these initial adjustments for the material, the engineer will set the temperature on the control panel. This allows the user to easily operate the machine while maintaining a consistent temperature in the dryer.

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Automatic Industrial Hemp Leaves Mesh Belt Drying Equipment
Automatic Industrial Hemp Leaves Mesh Belt Drying Equipment


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