Harvester rubber track for Kubota DC70 500*90*53 agricultural machinery belt

Harvester rubber track for kubota DC70 track 500*90*531 product information1.SizeKb500X90X532.Width500mm3.Pitch90mm4.Links535.MaterialRubber, steel cord, iron core6.Warranty12 month under normal use2 features:Our rubber tracks are suitable for all makes and models of equipment such as mini excavators, compact track loaders, mult

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Harvester rubber track for kubota DC70 track 500*90*53

1 product information
5.MaterialRubber, steel cord, iron core
6.Warranty12 month under normal use

2 features:
Our rubber tracks are suitable for all makes and models of equipment such as mini excavators, compact track loaders, multi terrain loaders and crawler dumpers.Continuous steel cord technology plus specially-formulated rubber compounds deliver the performance you require from your equipment, reducing down-time and loss of productivity.

1)joint-less multi strand high tensile internal wire cables.

2) low ground pressure and minimal disturbance on ground surface, smoother and comfortable ride.

3)lug patterns are designed for increased traction, decreased tearing, and even ground pressure.

4) 'state of the art' computer controlled rubber track vulcanizing presses that control the vulcanizing temperature, humidity and cure time.

5) quality control engineers and computerized testing equipment that are constantly testing for correct rubber curing time, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance.

3 how to measure your machine's rubber track

You can look at your current track.It should have the size stamped into it on the inside part of the track.If you are unable to find it, you need to do measurements.The size of a rubber track is an expression of width X pitch X number of links:

  • The width of the track (in millimetres).
  • The distance from the centre of one link to the centre of the next (pitch).
  • The number of links contained in the inner portion of the track.
how can I prolong the life of my rubber tracks
  • Avoid sharp debris whenever possible.
  • Never store unused tracks outdoors, nor should you store equipment with rubber tracks on it outdoors
  • If you have recently buy a new track, check the tension in that new track after 40 hours of operation and make any adjustments necessary.
  • Never driving aggressively and avoiding unnecessarily fast turns.Any turns should be wide and slow.
  • Check the undercarriage of the mini excavator or ctl when replacing any tracks to see if there are any need to replace worn or broken sprockets, idlers or rollers.
5 agricultural rubber track specification with pattern
Taihong harvester rubber tracks
Harvester brandRubber track size (width*pitch)LinksLug pattern
Claas tiger450*90L60FF
Zoomlinon xingguang
Kb400*9042Bb, cc
Kb400*9043Bb, cc
Kb400*9044Bb, cc
Kb400*9045Bb, cc
Kb400*9046Bb, cc
Kb400*9047Bb, cc
Kb400*9048Bb, cc
Kb400*9050Bb, cc
Kb400*9051Bb, cc
Kb450*9046AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9047AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9048AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9050AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9051AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9052AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9053AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9055AA, bb, cc
Kb450*9056AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)46AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)48AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)50AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)51AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)52AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)53AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90 (h)56AA, bb, cc
Kb500*90hg(hgx)46Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)48Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)50Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)51Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)52Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)53Cc, gg
Kb500*90hg(hgx)56Cc, gg
Y500*90W51Dd, gg
Y500*90wgx54Dd, gg

Harvester Rubber Track for Kubota DC70 500*90*53 Agriculture Machinery Belt

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We have our own factory, 45000 square meter, more than 150 employees.So you can enjoy the directly factory price.

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We have warranty for you, and product photo is available before delivery.Quality is base of business, long term cooperation is good for us.

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We will charge the sample first, when you place container order, we can discuss to return sample fee to you.

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We can provide customized product according to your needs and technical data, we have OEM experience for years.

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Every piece rubber track or rubber pad is checked two times before get into stock.

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